Boaventura de Sousa Santos

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Another production is possible: Beyond the capitalist canon

Boaventura de Sousa Santos, editor


Introduction: Expanding the Economic Canon and Searching for Alternatives to Neoliberal Globalization
Boaventura de Sousa Santos and César A. Rodríguez-Garavito

PART I: Toward an Economy of Solidarity

1. The Recent Rebirth of the Solidary Economy in Brazil
Paul Singer

2. Solidarity Economy and the Struggle for Social Citizenship in Times of Globalization: A Study of the Cooperatives of Informal Garbage Pickers in Colombia
César A. Rodríguez-Garavito

3. Cooperatives and the Emancipation of the Marginalized: Case Studies from Two Cities in India
Sharit K. Bhowmik

4. The General Union of Cooperatives of Maputo: An Alternative Production System?
Teresa Cruz e Silva

PART II: The Land Question

5. Community, Property and Security in Rural South Africa: Emancipatory Opportunities or Marginalized Survival Strategies?
Heinz Klug

6. “Mobilization Without Emancipation”: The Social Struggles of the Landless in Brazil
Zander Navarro

7. The Emancipation of the Movement of Landless Rural Workers within the Continual Movement of Social Emancipation
Horácio Martins de Carvalho

8. The “Back of the City”: The Landless and the Conception of Another City
João Marcos de Almeida Lopes

PART III: New Labor Internationalism

9. The Old and the New in the New Labor Internationalism
Hermes Augusto Costa

10. Social Emancipation and the New Labor Internationalism: A Southern Perspective
Rob Lambert and Edward Webster

11. Who Is Singing L’Internationale Again? A Brazilian Illustration
Francisco de Oliveira

12. Metalworkers, the “Strike Festival” and the Possibilities of a National Contract
Roberto Véras

13. Exploring the Possibilities of Counter-hegemonic Globalization of the Fishworkers´ Movement in India and its Global Interactions
Gabriele Dietrich and Nalini Nayak

PART IV: Commentaries

14. Alternative Production Systems?
Aníbal Quijano

15. Emancipating Labor Internationalism
Peter Waterman