Boaventura de Sousa Santos

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Toward a New Common Sense: Law, Science and Politics in the Paradigmatic Transition


Preface and Acknowledgments

PART ONE: Toward a Paradigmatic Transition in Science and Law
Chapter 1
From Modern Science to Postmodern Knowledge
Chapter 2 Toward a Postmodern Understanding of Law


PART TWO: The Time-Spaces of Law: Locality, Nationality, Transnationality
Chapter 3
The Law of the Oppressed: The Construction and Reproduction of Legality in Pasargada and Chapter € (Chapter Three-tn-the-Mirror): Relationships among Perceptions that We Call Identity: Doing Research in Rio's Squatter Settlements
Chapter 4 Globalization, Nation-States and the Legal Field: From Legal Diaspora to Legal Ecumenism?
Chapter 5 Law, the State and Urban Struggles in Recife


PART THREE: Powers, Laws and Knowledges: Maps for Familiar Places

Chapter 6 On Modes of Production of Social Power and Law
Chapter 7 Law: A Map of Misreading

PART FOUR: Utopia, Emancipations and Subjectivities

Chapter 8  Don't Shoot the Utopist

Index of Names and Subjects